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Mijiagao Complete Baking Production Line for Bakery Store From Flour to Bread and Maker Pizza Oven

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1) The dough is kneaded by the first roller wheel, where you can adjust the thickness of the dough, and rolled by rotary rollers made of twelve roller wheels and a roller wheel by the way of flapping bit by bit to make the dough more polish, weight and quality are stable. Then kneaded by shapely wheel which can adjust the thickness of the dough, according to the customer’s requirements.
2) The roll-up wheel will roll the dough into strip.

3) Have a built-in PLC control system, may automatically adjust the speed of roller wheel. The degree of automatic is high .

4) The main machine has three kinds of wheel width specification, users can choose according to their requirements. (also can order because of special requirements).

5) Production line is transformable. (Users can produce different productions if go with different side equipments).

6) Dough is feeding one end and then sheeting to adjustable thickness.

1) Rotary rollers make quick reducer gauhing station to reduce thedough thickness by a MAX factor of 6:1(depending on the dough typeand quality).
2) Automatic sprinkle system cooperates with different dough .

3) The roller wheel is made from specific food material made inJapan.

4) Aluminous machine parts of industrial automatic multi-functiondough forming machine are made from the specific food material,made in Japan.
5) It will not damage the organization of dough and not generateheat,keep the traditional manual flavor.

6) The industrial automatic multi-function dough forming machinefor French and Soft Bread Production line is flexiable.(Users canproduce different productions if go with different sideequipments).


Bakery solution consulting

Drawing and plant layout providing

Oversea installation &  commissioning

Maintenance & training

Other necessary technical support .

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